Campaign Pending

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Coaches Corner

Alumni, this is an amazing opportunity to invest in the future of Husky Softball and support your alma mater! We are proud of you for all that you have done after graduating from St. Could State! Your participation in this event can be the WINNING difference in our campaign. You are our team behind the team and every RUN (participation) matters. Let's put our hands in for one more big Huskies Huddle and take home the Championship "trophy" of $5,000! Go Huskies!

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What is the Challenge?

The 2018 Alumni Challenge is on! It is all about participation from our alumni that helps us win! We are counting participation not dollar amounts, give what you feel comfortable with. Let's go Huskies and win this challenge by donating today!

How can you help?

Spread the word through your social media, texting your teammates, and leading the way by making your donation. Once a donation is made, the donor can choose to be recognized on our scrolling page. Let's get as many of your teammates names on there as possible.

What is at stake?

We are competing against all other Huskies athletic programs. The team with the highest “participation rate” (#donors / #alumni) will win the Alumni Challenge. The athletic team that has the largest number of participants will be awarded $5,000 to their program fund. We need your help, it is all about participation.